9 Things Everyone Forgets About Batgirl

The title of “Batgirl” has been held by five women in the DC Universe, most famously Barbara Gordon.

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37 thoughts on “9 Things Everyone Forgets About Batgirl

  1. D.A. Baracus

    I always found it odd that Barbara spent so much time in a wheelchair. I mean, in a world in which she & Batman have access to magic, alien technology, technology from the future, & advanced human technology, they can't find a way to hear a severed nerve? Odd…

  2. Dawn of Justice_1959

    Tim Drake and Carrie Kelly's obsession with joining Batman was just copied from Batgirl. Barbara gordon was obsessed with being a vigilante. There are too many oracle nuts on here, to me Barbara gordon is Batgirl. Cassandra cain to me seems far more like a silent ninja character than batgirl. Stephanie brown is better as the Spoiler.

  3. Alex Chord

    It's hard to imagine anyone who has suffered as much as Barbara Gordon has since she first became Batgirl. I'm surprised you didn't mention the first batgirl though, Betty Kane.
    I also was never unhappy that Barbara was adopted by Jim and his wife, Barbara, after his brother and wife died. In a way, it made sense seeing as how both Jim and his wife, Barbara, never had the same characteristics as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl.

  4. christian emden

    I thought Barbara becoming oracle, was a lot more inspirational, as her becoming batgirl. One of the more regrettable decisions of the last years was restoring her as batgirl. Oracle was unique, showing superiority of mind over matter.

  5. Damon Saylor

    And I miss it every Sunday I watched it. Thursday to when they had
    The other Batwoman her to. Oh I hope this doesn't sound lame but
    I miss stargirl too😳😳😳😳😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Damon Saylor

    Grace is my favorite batgirl man I wish some how under the James Gunn
    Rule I really pray we see that movie I'll bet you any thing despite what
    They said and claim I bet it nothing like they say I bet you it good.
    Batwoman has it misses but all and all I enjoyed it.😊😊😊😊😊

  7. Lily Wong

    In the current comics, Commissioner James Gordon and Barbara Eileen Gordon are the biological parents of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and James Gordon, Jr. (aka J.J. Gordon the serial killer).

  8. Paradox8493

    I didn't forget about any of this. I didn't know some of it… but like 7/9 I knew and remembered. I doubt anyone forgot most of this. But yeah, I WILL forget that Jim Gordon SOMETIMES isn't Barbara's dad, because he usually is so who cares? Plus, even if he's not biologically, he's her real dad. The one who raised her and the one who's always there for her.

  9. The Charming One

    I actually like the idea of Batgirl still having her disability. Imagine they implemented that into the cancelled Batgirl movie, where she was recovering from her handicap but still had to worry about it hindering her.

  10. Joshua Ingobo

    You forgot the fact that Barbara Gordon had two brothers (pre-Crisis older brother Tony Gordon and pre-Flashpoint younger brother James Gordon Jr), that she met Clark Kent Superboy and briefly made her debut as Mighty Girl pre-Crisis, and that she has received a doctorate in Library Science shortly before she made her debut as Batgirl as a 26/27-year-old adult in 1966.

  11. Nick deJager

    Cassandra took on the name Orphan because it was David Cain's alias. After he died (for a time) Cass took on his name. Not because Cassandra's relationship with Mommy Shiva.