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Why Gotham Knights Failed & was Canceled!

Why Gotham Knights failed & was canceled? The Worst Batman Show ever made is gone now. My Thoughts on How the, checks notes Successful Batwoman writers were fired after only 1 Season of Gotham Knights

The Answer is because Fans HATED it. WBD was counting on Hate Watching to get a Second Season Green Lighted and it didnt happen.

The Series featured an Adopted Son of Batman who Hates Bruce & Carrie Kelly who put together a group of Misfits to Clear their Innocents of the DEATH of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Along with co-stars Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown, Blue Bird and Joker’s Daughter to name a few.

My Reaction to Gotham Knights Rise Trailer –

Question Time? Are You Happy Gotham Knights will never get a Second Season? The Correct response is YES!

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