Batfamily reacts to Nightwing || part 4/?

Sorry for not the best quality and reactions! (:

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25 thoughts on “Batfamily reacts to Nightwing || part 4/?

  1. _RainingCats_

    The series has been really great so far, you have put in a beautiful mix of his experience into this, would you be willing to make a video of the batfam reacting to danny phantom, the videos you make are really great!

    Edit i forgot to add that this request can be done whenever you finish this series or not done at all.

  2. Crystal_Playz

    If you do make a part 5 or part 6 could they react to Damian and graysons friendship? It would be really cool ^^

    In fact I’m working on a damian Wayne reaction video now lol thanks for the inspiration-

  3. MayaRIN

    I hope you can make batfamily react to Slade is pedo to Robin(Dick Grayson with edit 'Come you know you like,little girl'.
    And Put me in movie edit.
    Cause slade literally obsessed with robin and that is creep…
    Also Nightwings get rape by tarantula and have a ptsd by getting raped