Batman fan series Behind the cowl: Sneak peek Nightwing suit

Tenraii aka Caroline is a German cros- and cosplayer. In this project she is the script writer, producer and is also going to play Nightwing as well as Tim Drake as Robin. As for that she improved her make up fx skills to make prosthetics to change her outer appearance more. The outfit is made by herself and the design is a mix of existing design by Dc Comics.

the mask is a product of Tigerstone fx and the escrima sticks are 3D printed

Changes to the costume during the project might be possible. al in all we have three Nightwing suits. For her Double, a motor cycle double and herself

also check out her Nightwing interview for more information about her role in his project and how she want to bring the first Boy Wonder into life

Remember we are a non-profit cosplay group and all the rights of the characters belong to DC Comics .

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