Batman meets his Father #shorts

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32 thoughts on “Batman meets his Father #shorts

  1. Shadowdemun13

    I’ve noticed in both dc & marvel there are totems and avatars totems such Barbatos and a avatar Batman marvel spider god and Spider-Man good or bad op or weak as a normal person there has to be that one. But I will say it’s awesome to see Thomas running towards the singularity that’s what Bruce and Damian would do; in all three comics featured Thomas sacrificed to help flash Bruce sacrificed his life to save red hood and Damian in deceased and finally Damian sacrificed himself to save humanity and reboot the universe one hell of a bloodline

  2. Goreion

    I never touched into marvel and DC I forgot which Batman and flash are involved with, but I know that Batman parents died and just now and this is the comic makes me like wanna cry because it’s so sweet and so sad at the same time

  3. Kyrel

    The best Flash. The original Flash (or 2nd, given Jay Garrick’s existence). Comic book Barry Allen. Can’t go wrong with comic book Barry.

  4. samTHElizz

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who Realizes this but the music that's playing in the background music when you pay your respects in Batman Arkham City