DC Universe Online Is Starting To Grow On Me… | DC Universe Online gameplay compilation

Move over Batman, It’s Nightwing’s time to shine!
DC Universe Online is a MMO RPG game that allows you to create your own superhero or villain , and team up with familiar faces from DC Comics! I’ve already played this game once, but I had to come back and try it again, and I’d say I was pretty impressed! I had a really good time putting together this video for you guys and I hope ya’ll have a good rest of your day!

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48 thoughts on “DC Universe Online Is Starting To Grow On Me… | DC Universe Online gameplay compilation

  1. Shadow Douglas

    Making friends an playing through other mentors story's is one reason i love this game i mean it makes you want to make friends each mentor has there on missions on both sides.

  2. Charles Claro

    U have earned my sub! Been playing dcuo for a year now and it's really refreshing seeing content like this. I'm really looking forward to seeing more dcuo vids. Btw, ur other vids are hilarious! More power to ur channel brother

  3. Nila Moon

    I hope you play more of this. I've been playing this game off and on since 2013. It's pretty fun, but I will say the micro transactions are annoying. Still, there is a lot you can do especially if you have a friend. I really want to see more AdorableCuteMan's adventures

  4. corey visser

    Please play more of this. I've been playing on and off since 2016. I kinda fell into the trap and spent more money in micro transactions than I care to admit. But this game is so fun and really shines when you play co-op. You should do a series on this and possibly play with a friend or other youtubers in your circle. Like a comedy buddy cop series.

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  5. Tanner Love

    My favorite part of this game is in one of the missions early on there’s a point where you’re about to fight this henchman, and there’s a cutscene where it zooms in on him and suddenly the screen just says “Catwoman”, so it looks like the henchman is Catwoman for a hot second, before she jumps down behind him to take him down lol. It’d make for a funny clip

  6. my dude

    Since you like super heroes and play vr you should try out project demigod, its like blade and sorcery but with super powers….it has a ton of powers inspired by several heroes like superman, the flash, spiderman, mr fantastic, human torch and a few others… they can also be combined to do differentpower combos….you can even run on walls and ceilings with super speed like dc universe online….it should have avatar mods by may 31 so you can play as different characters from comics and media…..you should try it out I think you would enjoy it


    I been playing since 2011 and you don’t know how much I appreciate this content 🔥 The DCUO community needs more love from youtubers or just in general ❤️ shit way too toxic