Every The LEGO Batman Movie (2017-2018) Set Ranked

In this video I rank every The LEGO Batman Movie Set from 2017-2018

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0:18 24
1:00 23
1:33 22
1:56 21
2:30 20
3:13 19
3:30 18
4:04 17
4:38 16
5:11 15
6:52 14
7:29 13
8:02 12
9:06 11
9:42 10
10:11 9
10:45 8
11:10 7
11:45 6
12:09 5
13:28 4
14:23 3
15:02 2
15:32 1
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27 thoughts on “Every The LEGO Batman Movie (2017-2018) Set Ranked

  1. Blake Builds - LEGO

    Man I loved this theme! Great video! It was refreshing to see that the biggest set was not chosen as the best! I love joker manor but I’m glad you put others ahead! Other ranking videos usually put the biggest set as the best and its really predictable then. Love this video!!

  2. John Hart

    The LEGO Batman Movie theme will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was what got me back into LEGO as an adult. I always used lego as a kid, but once I hit my mid teens my mother "decided" I was too old for it, and gave the tub I'd amassed throughout my years to charity. At the time I didn't think of it as too big a deal.
    Cut to 2017, where I went to the cinema to watch the LEGO Batman Movie, and I loved it. When it came out on Bluray, JBHIFI (an electronic retail store localised in Australia) had a promotion that offered a free polybag of the batwing free with purchase of the bluray. It was a small build, yet it was enough to rekindle my childhood nostalia. I knew I had to have more, so the next set I got was the deluxe batmobile, and I was hooked. 6 years have now passed, and I've accumulated an impressive collection

    Edit: also thought I'd mention that I have the arkham asylum set and modified it as a christmas set, in reference to the opening scene of episode 'Christmas with the Joker' from the animated series, where joker escapes on a christmas tree. I also stuck candy canes outside the front entrance, altered the plants growing outside ivys cell to mimic mistletoe, and put a santa hat on Joker. I always take it out and put it on display every christmas

  3. StrangerOf The206

    I have every set of the series, all the Brickheadz, every polybag, that accessory set, AND the Bricktober figure pack, but I never got that weird studio set to make your own videos or whatever. Joker Manor and the Lowrider are some of my favorite sets of all time, and the whole theme had so many great minifigures! I also have all the CMF’s, a few of which I was missing until recently. Wish they would make a second movie and more sets!

  4. James Lawner

    I regret not getting the Joker Low-Rider, Penguin Arctic Roller and Riddler Racer, but I am grateful for getting the Catwoman Chase set (hands down, one of the best sets from the wave imo, because you get 3 great characters, a cool bike build and all for an affordable price at the time).