Everytime Batman Has Killed His Sidekicks

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20 thoughts on “Everytime Batman Has Killed His Sidekicks

  1. Eli the Nerd

    One of the best things about the Dceased death is that Jason Todd went to the Batcave later trying to find them but found them dead. So he buried them and carved writings onto the graves below their names. Nightwing’s read, “Dick Grayson. Brother. Nightwing. The one who got to grow up.” Red Robin’s was, “Tim Drake. Friend. Robin. The best of us.” And Batman’s read, “Bruce Wayne. Father. Mentor. Bastard. Batman.” It’s a neat detail that informs the relationships of the Batfamily in this universe.

  2. KJ Iyere

    Clarification: Batman saying Zur-En-Arrh was a reference to a flashback earlier in the film of Thomas Wayne saying "Zorro belongs in Arkham." The Batman: the Brave and the Bold episode was a reference to the Silver Age comic.

  3. Kuro

    The zurr en ahhr thing isn’t a reference to that Batman brave and the bold episode, it’s actually a reference to when his father said “if zoro was real, they’d probably lock him up in arkham”

  4. The Author

    also TDSB dick grayson is dumb because in TDKR he literally clearly loved Dick (calling him his monkey wrench and preached how helpful he was in his thought bubbles)