Forgotten Superheroes – Lady Nightwing

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is a legacy hero at DC Comics who has yet (time of recording) to have anyone permanently take on his mantle. However, in the mid aughts there were briefly two contenders. His brother Jason Todd the second Robin who took over as Nightwing when it was assumed Dick Grayson was dead. That had been the plan for the character in Infinite Crisis, but things changed. The result a 2002 storyline during the one year later event called Brothers in Blood. A story in of which there was a female Nightwing! Cheyenne Fremont has largely been forgotten, was she a worthy successor to the Nightwing mantle? Find out here on Casually Comics!

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42 thoughts on “Forgotten Superheroes – Lady Nightwing

  1. Allison Troy

    The entire OYL period was such a mess — it started out so promising and then everything got quickly cleaned up and never fully fleshed out and taken as far as it could've gone. I completely forgot Lady Nightwing…despite reading Nightwing at the time. And this makes me not sad I completely forgot. I'd bring her back as a supporting character for another character — maybe Starfire since we're never going to get the Dick-Kory happily ever after some of us have been wanting since the 1980s. lol. As a counterpoint frenemy to Kory all of the "bad traits" could be smoothed out and used as a way to contrast with how Kory could've ended up if she'd let the break-up(s) with Dick drag her down.

  2. FLCL rox

    Is it me thinking dick grayson too much as a manslut when I saw lady nightwing in the thumbnail I thought "yeah that's about the bodyfigure and skin exposure a female nightwing would have"?

  3. Nerdy Rock Comics

    I would have liked for them to have brought her back and like flushed her out in the Ric Grayson storyline. I don't remember because admittedly I dropped off that storyline, but I'm pretty sure that we're replacement night wings would have been cool to see her back. Stop that

  4. chibiktsn3

    I feel like her costume has Distaff Counterpart Disease, where it's the same as the original, but either is low cut, significantly shorter, or has suggestive cutouts. It just feels very, "It's X-character, but lady!"

  5. M. J.

    I watched this and could only think how much Dick's been through in the hands of some writers, I'm looking at you Ric Grayson….

  6. M. J.

    I loved the brief insertion of Infinity Inc! I miss those characters, I have trouble even finding TPBs with their stories… the attention you gave them in this vid was more than DC is giving them lately. They were so dramatic it would be awesome to have them back 🙁

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  8. Dee-Vyne Valentine

    I love the idea of her and I love how she has powers so like give her back Just don't call her night wing call her like Lady Night or Miss Night I don't know and um um keep like the part Like Vincent hunt and Dick mentioned the relationship They had but don't have them be a couple again I mean it's nice it's cute it's just no But also give him a power back because that's really cool and how powers but again like give her a whole entire different vigilanti name basically.

  9. Blue Seven

    I'm tangentially reminded of the Crimson Fox from JLE, the casual hero / perfume company owner. There's a character who deserved better than the ending they gave her.

  10. Wesleyan Wannabe

    I bought these as single issues when they came out. She looked interesting and Jason being alive was a new thing at the time and I wanted to see what they would do with this based on the cover.

    But….yeah for all the reasons you gave I couldn't get invested in this girl or the narrative. None of it felt important. They made each other look bad. It wasn't really a story about Nightwinga identity being stolen, it was just a story about two people having frequent casual sex who sometimes did vigilante stuff. Very disappointing.

  11. Ninjhetto NLK3

    Nightwing + electric powers = thunderwing. Simple. NOPE! Reuse a name already given. I still wish Miles Morales had his own name as well. Spider-Sting maybe, since he has electric powers and can't "see" where he'll come from.

  12. Andres Marrero

    Yeah I don't see them bringing back this character. There are certainly better ways to do a thunderbird style superhero that isn't an overconfident individual that wants to get in someone's pants.

  13. Banoffee

    Worth mining. She's interesting as a going-through-life-experience for Dick. It feels more real. The concept doesn't come across as scripted despite the execution coming across as incredibly scripted. She has value as a bad relationship for Dick and the idea of a meta Batfam member–even if only briefly–is really cool. The lightning aspect in particular. Anything else wouldn't really work.