Get Stomped – Atomic Heart VS Injustice 2

Wonder Woman doesn’t stomp as much, but still, she steps on the enemies


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33 thoughts on “Get Stomped – Atomic Heart VS Injustice 2

  1. Theloveeveryoneexceptnatoguy

    That's like comparing a stone to water and asking what is better. In case you haven't realized it yet those are two completely different game genres, one being an open world game and the other one a fighting game in Mortal Kombat style. Also the scenes didn't even look similar. You have to compare Injustice to Mortal Kombat (two fighting games) and not those two bruh

  2. Vladosik

    А чего вы ожидали от молодой студии? Суперской проработки и крутых спецэффеков, которые обогнали бы все игры в мире?

  3. Toxic

    Injustice Game Easy Win
    Injustice Game The Masterpiece Game of All Time and My Favourite also ❤🧡💚💜💙🔥👌🏻🥰

  4. Vojta Heger


  5. Mike Oxlong

    Bro the woman in Injustice 2 isn’t attractive at all just because of that skin color and face. Don’t even compare the two. Twins literally obliterates once again.