I Beat Gotham Knights and the DLC 100% so you don’t have to

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Batman: Gotham Knights for that Playstation 5 is a game that got nearly universally panned when it released 4 months ago. And because I’m silly, I decided that OF COURSE, I would go and 100 percent the dang thing. Here’s Gotham Knights and the DLC 100% so you don’t have to. Also the comic. There’s a comic book.

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29 thoughts on “I Beat Gotham Knights and the DLC 100% so you don’t have to

  1. Austin Eruption

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    FINALLY GOTHAM KNIGHTS HAS ARRIVED. There was a small scheduling mishap so this was originally supposed to be the first video of the year, but it is what it is. When I originally tossed this into the ring as a potential poll option, I wasn't expecting it to win, let alone take 40 percent of the vote. But well, I'm glad y'all picked it. Is Gotham Knights a trash fire like everyone says or is there something a little more? Also there's a comic. That's cool.

    Let me know other deep dives and "100 percent" videos y'all want me to check out. There's a big one, Avengers that's gonna be getting it's final patch soon so… that seems like a good idea?? Bad Idea?? IDK

  2. SebCarrasco

    What’s so sad is the now two different dungeons can be challenging and 4 player coop is fun….however good luck finding ANY online coop, let alone groups who want to grind some gear to upgrade other heroes who aren’t your main.

  3. Aaron Wettekin

    I'd like this game and it's characters to get a proper sequel that fixes this games mistakes. The characters are too good for a one and done. My biggest gripe is how Court of Owls was handled. They never felt like a threat when they should have had us on the back foot for a good chunk of the game.

  4. Unknown

    I was so hesitating to buy this when its on sale and I ended up buying the Arkham series only. Now I'm kinda regret after watching your video for not buying this one as well due to huge amount of negative feedback Im seeing online. Thank you. I might pick up it again for the next sale. You have my subs for your deep dive video.

  5. Michael has cookies

    Gotham knights is ok that’s about it. A lot of problems them being is that the world still seems dead (a big problem that origins had) even though there’s civilians moving cars etc. I’m playing a superhero I constantly want to beat down baddies. The motor bike I feel so slow on it. I dislike that I need to do challenges to glide as batgirl even tho she has a cape… and finally as soon as I saw Kane with Alfred i immediately knew it was gonna follow the new 52 which is crazy considering they had the legendary SCOTT SNYDER in on this story line.

  6. Gamfluent

    You know the best way I can describe this game is, only tech nerd hate it everyone wants rdr2 god of war TLOU graphics, but the graphics are good they’re not ps5 but they’re also not ps3 and for any gamer that should be fine, and the comparisons to the Arkham series is unfair .1st the combat is overrated the knocking out feature is fkn annoying especially when swarmed which will happen and 2: it was made by a different funded company and their bets graphic game and “combat, was made as the final game and their 5th game down the line while WBM had their first game , overall it was fun and like he said “not every game can be Goty not every game can be elden ring, just imagine tryna tell someone in the early 2000s that a game isn’t good because of graphics 💀 🤡

  7. Maya

    Got tired of this game after needing to very specifically beat up Freak Bulldozers to get Momentum abilities, so I'mma just watch this video instead 😀

  8. jes2lift

    I think the biggest problem was its mechanics/gameplay because if it was a real solid on both even repetitive gameplay could still be bearable and fun, look at spiderman when you finish the main story the side missions are pretty much repetitive but its soooooo much fun swinging around the city and doing tricks i could do it all day, it jus feels satisfying to traverse around. But not gotham knights the traverse is slow af and boring, the bike is boring to drive it doesn't have fun drift mechanics you cant do crazy tricks, you cant even fall off the bike when crashing it doesn't cause any destruction. And when gliding man it is slow af and you lose speed really quick.

  9. Steve C.

    i know it's probably because just about everything i've played games on can't really more than 30 frames, but i really don't notice any difference between 30 & 60 unless it's one of those games that runs at half speed

  10. Kushy Couch

    1st off there’s dlc?? And second the game is alright, I’d give it a 6 or 7, but the comparison to the Arkham series hurt it most. As a fan of the comics, it was really disappointing now they handled the court of owls. They did great at the start presenting them as mysterious, highly secretive, intelligent and dangerous but end up killing that mystery and making them seem dumb before abruptly killing them off and moving on.