I might Be In Trouble…400+ LEGO Figures Entire Haul

This was a biggie and it cost a LOT, sometimes you jump before checking the depth of the water and let’s hope this wasn’t one of those times! Lots of cool and great stuff in here today so let’s hope I don’t lose big time! Comment below your favorite and as always all links below!



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How I still have energy after all this?

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36 thoughts on “I might Be In Trouble…400+ LEGO Figures Entire Haul

  1. Tim Burokas

    There are actually 5 Harumi minifigures, The Jade Princess in her green robes and makeup, the black and blue version from hunted, the exclusive 2018 Bricktober pack Oni mask Harumi, Avatar Harumi (the orange one) from Prime Empire, and Crystalized Harumi from Crystalized.

  2. Daniel Williamson

    2:20 Frank Langella would have made a good Ra's Al-Ghul.
    3:24 I like Ultraviolet's shoulder pads.
    5:21 I've only got 1 Imperial Stormtrooper minifig!
    6:54 I've got a Groot minifig but it's cracked.
    10:18 Reminds me of Reptile from Mortal Kombat.
    21:22 TRON!
    27:02 I wish I had a Poison Ivy minifig.
    My favourites in the video are Poison Ivy and Tron. I love Lego minifigures. There are Lego minifigures I wish I had.

  3. DJBricks

    I have a small idea for your ebay selling, if you have the less vauluables you could sell them in mystery bags and charge 30-60 for a while. Its fine if you don’t want to take the suggestion.

  4. Tim Grainger

    Love the longer videos. Love the enthusiasm you have during your videos. Sounds like you love what you do and you're not just making videos for the sake of having something to post. To be honest, I love the parts and pieces as well. Would of been fun to sort through as well. You never know, you might of found a treasure to share that you did not see in the pile. Keep up the great work. I have learned a lot while sharing your LEGO journey with us.

  5. Argh JayEm

    02:27 Nope that is the correct hair for him! 06:22 sw0724 R3-A2 from 75098 Assault on Hoth 09:38 sh238 or sh704? One is more valuable than the other. Can’t tell which you have precisely. The batcave version, sh238, is worth more. 10:51 that is Chief O’Hara sh399 from the 853651 LEGO Batman Movie accessory pack