Marvels Go To Guy For Superhero Costumes

This Video covers a Man who runs a Business creating Superheroes Costumes for Heroes like Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, and even the likes of Dr. Doom occasionally.

Amazing Spider-Man #502

Vsquid888’s Video

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35 thoughts on “Marvels Go To Guy For Superhero Costumes

  1. TheMysteriousFace

    1:58 THAT. THAT RIGHT THERE, WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MARY JANE. The Mary Jane that actually understood why Peter does his job as a hero, the Mary Jane that cared and always waited for Peter no matter how long it would be as long as he was okay in the end. I hope we get that character back in the future.

  2. Knuxuki 101

    You'd think someone of his skill level and usefulness would be very protected, even by villains, considering his value. If I was one of these super heroes or villain he would be highly protected

  3. Syrath Douglas

    I’d love a comic where some new villain hurts Leo, even accidentally, and some villains either stay behind themselves to help him or get their henchmen to, while they and the heroes go hunt the sorry SOB down while they desperately try to hide, basically crapping themselves the entire time.

  4. Mitch Haelann

    I really wish this tailor got more attention in various comics.

    But to your intro: Yes, Spidey admits that his costume is not comfortable, but it's built for value and efficiency.

  5. Jembozaba

    I miss it when Suoerheroes were married. I do really want more of it. I want Bruce to be married to Selina, Peter to MJ (or even Felecia), maybe Dick and Kori as well

  6. will ropa

    I just find it odd that with characters like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Victor Doom being multibillionaire tech gurus as well as Steven Strange, Wanda Maximoff, and Thor Odinson being masters of magical arts, all the superheroes and supervillains collectively go to one guy in New York to get their costumes mended. You'd think there's no torn fabric that money or magic can't fix, but no, this guy will do, ok. Don't read this as I hate idea, I find it funny, it's just when you think about some of the people who show up to him, you wonder why they need this one guy to do the job.

  7. FiraDeviant

    This is one of those stories that really makes me love Marvel.
    It makes everyone invovled so much more human, really stripping away the super. Even adding some one like doctor Doom for it.
    I can't see anything like this in DC.

  8. Tom Branch

    While I consider the Amazing Spider-Man #500 to be the official finally to the character, (in my opinion) issues like ASM #502 act as a nice epilogue, so to speak. Touching on what makes characters like Spider-Man and the Marvel Comics Universe so human.

  9. Akhier Dragonheart

    The guy really needed to have a "no talking about jobs" sign in his shop. Like, seriously! He was in the perfect position to be untouchable. Set the ground rules of no talking any business besides his business while in the shop and become indispensable to the super community. No one wants to be the guy that roughed up the man who not only fixes Doctor Dooms cape, Daredevils costume, and Thor's cloak. A dictator, lawyer, and a god? Asking for all the trouble in all the ways!