Michael Chandler On Justin Gaethje

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49 thoughts on “Michael Chandler On Justin Gaethje

  1. kevenquinlan

    Huh? Yeah, sounds exactly like how Micheal fights and not like how Justin fights. I think they call that projecting. Justin's leg work has no equal. He can trade leather too but he can do whatever. I think he should concentrate on his wrestling as every wrestler in MMA never wrestles?= then why did you learn it. Khabib beats everyone not with his hands= but his grappling. It's why the strikers had no chance against him.

  2. Hummus Pvm

    I feel bad for some guys with this much arrogance. It doesnt matter what thoughts you’ve had, you’re talking shit, because when you didnt know what the hell was going on around you in those 5 rounds, gaethje absoloutely surgically opened you up. The legs, the nose, the forehead. It was all ruined. The only plan chandler had was cheering & hyping the audience hoping gaethje would lose himself but it just looked funny tbh. Guy hyped his fans up and got rawed😂 also that cross after poking him in the eye was a BIG ???!!!!! Questionmark for me.

  3. you're lying doooode

    Gaethje is 100% the most entertaining fighter to watch. I've never seen a gaethje fight where I was disappointed. He fights the way every fan loves. He goes in there with technique, toughness, makes it exciting, hitting his opponent with everything he has, getting hit and still throwing and just being as violent as one can be in that situation. It's truly amazing. That being said, I do agree. It's really really bad for him and his mental health.

  4. CSNA21 Gaming

    Yea, he doesn't have confidence in his abilities but he actually does have the abilities and he's a high level competitor so it shows during fights. Especially in his fight against Chandler.

  5. chillapilla

    Justin is a guy who would fck most up on the street where the ref and rules ain't there to help. Nate Diaz being another hard mfer Tony ferguson aswell .. some pple just tank damage as well as dishing it out , as Stallone said it ain't about how hard u can hit , it's about how hard u can get hit and keep moving forward


    Since this interview, it’s been the opposite: outside of the Dan Hangman fight, Chandler’s been on meathead brawl mode and Justin’s been way more calculated in the cage. This may have been some sort of projection on Chandler’s part

  7. timson moua

    I seen some justin gaethje videos with another organization and back then he said he specializes in wrestling but thats not what the fans want and so he chose to stand up and brawl his entire career giving the fans a straight up war 😂 he’s a fucken badass ya should go watch those, he literally dukes it out every fight 😎