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Musings From Another Star: X-Men: These Are the Days of Future Past In 2018, a Robin who is “so over” Batman is in keeping with elements of the 1980s run of the “Teen Titans” comics, in which characters were allowed to grow in a way that had previously been prohibited. As a superhero team, the “Teen Titans” go back to the mid-1960s, but early versions failed to capture the hearts and minds of their readers. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Like the other figures in this series, Nightwing comes packed in a five-sided box that features artwork from the ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ video game. Especially when you look at him against some of the previous Nightwing figures in the ‘Arkham’ lines from previous games, this one truly blows the rest away to give us a definitely great Nightwing for our collections. Overall, the ‘Arkham Knight’ Nightwing figure from DC Collectibles is a great piece for any Batman or Nightwing fan’s collection.

woman wearing blue coat One thing that really stands out about this figure is just how completely it brings the Nightwing character to life in plastic form. For some people, fighting is their life and   anime cosplay  that describes Lady Shiva in a nutshell. Both men have had long term relationships and short term dalliances and are known for their lady killing ways. Teenage orphan Bao Pham specifically blames Batman for not preventing the Joker from killing his parents, and generally for failing to prevent chaos in Gotham while making its citizens complacent enough to rely on him. This is a very big difference between the two characters- Nightwing is very much a normal human in world full of superpowered beings while Daredevil has a unique advantage over many of his foes and the criminals he fights. While Nightwing mostly attacked the OMAC units, he almost got some attention from Prime. I can’t tell you how many discussions we had about how we can get Nightwing back in his blue costume, because the red seems so weird. The face sculpt looks pretty good from this distance, and the test version shows that he can have his Escrima Sticks in holsters on his back.

The dual set of Escrima sticks is a really nice touch, as most previous Nightwing figures only included one set. Daredevil isn’t known for using as many weapons as Nightwing or other Batman trained vigilantes, but his main weapon are his billy clubs which are extremely similar to Nightwing’s Escrima Sticks. Nightwing’s secret identity was also revealed but he dealt with it in a much better way, joining SPYRAL and traveling the world as a secret agent but definitely not gaslighting his friends. It’s no secret that James Tynion is a fan of the version of the Gotham City of the 1990s and early ’00s. Also, the Joker still knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, as well as the secret identities of all the members of the bat-family. That’s right, he’s known for years that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person, but he just didn’t feel like acting on it until now. Official previews have already teased the new villain Ghost-Maker, a rival Bruce Wayne met when he was traveling around the world and training to become Batman. Nightwing, a character beloved by comic book fans across the board, has never been adapted for an official live-action property by DC.

Here’s the full official description for Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights made its debut at the previous edition of DC FanDome, giving fans a first look at gameplay, an introduction to the cast of playable characters, and the villains of the piece, which will be the Court of Owls. His physicality is toned well, giving him a slim but toned appearance rather than a bulky overly muscular one. Well, the Joker had a good time dressing up in bat costumes, and his goons certainly appreciated access to all of Wayne Enterprises’ bat-themed technology. The game took what its predecessors had done well, and amped it up to a whole new level to bring us the definitive Dark Knight experience! The accident that took away his sight when he was younger also enhanced his remaining senses to superhuman levels and enhanced his agility. It’s this tenacity that has allowed them to overcome the odds over the years. 100, Batman persevered over the Joker in a metaphorical battle for Gotham’s soul. 100, and he sure is shiny. Throughout his tenure in the DC Universe, he kept triumphing over everything thrown at him and would have recreated everything in his own image if it wasn’t for Wonder Woman.

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