Nightwing Is Now More Powerful Than Superman?!

Check out #Nightwing (2016) issue 103 for more! #shorts #batman #titans

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25 thoughts on “Nightwing Is Now More Powerful Than Superman?!

  1. Kate Smith

    This story line happens in DC legends of Tomorrow tv show, but with no nightwing and the shows cast! It’s one of the later seasons. Also the show has been cancelled and ends on a cliffhanger(not this storyline)

  2. Dr0g

    So this rando devil has the power to grant both Kryptonian physiology and a *Speedforce Connection*, who thought this was a good worldbuilding thing to establish?

  3. Sifilore

    Superwing, now if only there was a separate character who is like that but also is connected to the Strength, Still, and Sage Forces; and all the elemental forces too (The Green, Red etc.). B a whole new powerhouse for DC.

  4. Damian Black

    Someone in the comment section just said that he’s still weaker than Wonder Woman… hahaha he has the powers of Superman and the Flash, but apparently WW is greater. 😅😆😂

  5. Mr G

    This is the very reason why Titans got ruined for me, I loved Young Justice, and I wanted to like Titans…but there's too much Demon crap in Titans, and with the character Raven! Not a fan of Horror crap!

  6. RAM

    A true need not the praise of the people he chooses to protect nor the admiration of the ones he/she longs for but to simply know that what he/she protects simply remain safe or saved