Poor Cyborg | #shorts #injustice2 #cyborg #drfate #mrfreeze

Song: Freaks – Surf Curse
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45 thoughts on “Poor Cyborg | #shorts #injustice2 #cyborg #drfate #mrfreeze

  1. Uzukhanye Jentile

    Mr freeze: i envy your lack of emotion
    Cyborg: why is that worthy of jealousy?
    Mr freeze: you cannot feel pain
    Pt 2
    Cyborg: your wifes disease is tragic
    Mr freeze: what do you know about my pain?
    Cyborg: that would do anything to feel it

  2. bruh bruh

    I never thought about it but cyborgs heart&brain will die one day . .An the father box will probably just copy his personality and live on for thousands of years😢 😭😭