Punchline Gets Thrown In The Trash!

Punchline The Gotham Game continues! Can the Joker’s new “girlfriend” carve a place for herself among Gotham’s elite in terms of Batman baddies? Alexis Kaye has put together her own Royal Flush Gang but things aren’t going exactly according to plan. Bluebird and Nightwing are on her tail and her rivalry with Catwoman has taken a surprising turn. Tini and Blake Howard hurtle towards the conclusion of Punchline’s first mini series. Has it elevated the character? Can Punchline stand on her own? Share your thoughts here on Casually Comics!

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2:58 Issue 4
14:21 Issue 5
20:24 In Conclusion

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38 thoughts on “Punchline Gets Thrown In The Trash!

  1. Mr. Manager

    Another suckfest of a book by Tini Howard. Who woulda' thunk it? I like the idea of the character of punchline but she has exclusively been written poorly, even by her creator James T #4. This could actually be a really interesting story if written by someone competent. What's worse, Tini is one of the better "writers" at DC currently, if looking at the median, and at her absolute, thoroughly edited best, she is mediocre. This series gets the minimal editing treatment so, of course, it's not up to that incredibly high bar of mediocrity. Here's hoping that, if these characters survive the destruction of mainstream comics specifically brought about by people like Tini, we can finally get someone who will tell a story in earnest about Punchline.

  2. Joseph Barbera

    I really like Punchline. It looks like DC is trying to establish her as a crime boss who is very manipulating but erratic in her pursuit. She will most likely a future villain to Catwoman and Nightwing. She has no superpowers and is limited to being a gangster only. It will be interesting if she does go back with the Joker. Your summary on the Punchline mini series was spot on btw.

  3. Brendan O'Brien

    The idea of “The Gotham Game” as the big leagues of crime is great. Only the best can make it there. This story would be more fun with Punchline as the protagonist in an ensemble of mid level villains trying to “go pro” and make it big, maybe one of them are from hub city and branching out? Another like punchline a former sidekick. Gotham is the crime jewel

  4. cliff woodbury

    as many of these reviews as you have done i will take your suggestion as a truth that this story does need to tie many loose ends but it sounds decent as is so if they took all your suggestions under consideration the story would be even better

  5. John P.

    It feels like Punchline is spinning out, not sure where to focus her energies or not set on her goals. As a character, she feels incomplete, like there's something important missing from her build, like a deeper motivation. So far, most of the "motivations" attributed to Punchline have been pretty surface-level, as there's no concrete support for them with her actions and reactions. But I could be seeing things from a weird angle.

  6. The Unwanted Critic

    Are used to think that some of the more right wing critics were wrong when they complained about comic books not being good anymore. But now I see their point. You spent more time editing this already published story then the editor did before it was published. And don’t get me started on the joker being pregnant, which is just stupid.

  7. Noahide

    Comics are often designed to tell the story with the issue at hand, even in mini series. And a lot of the time its about fun action for a younger audience. They are not quite meant to be taken as serious literature. A lot of youtube critics are looking for things in comics which they are not necessarily about.

  8. R P

    I'm not sure I would class the G to B substitution a speech impediment – it's more of an occupational hazard for any ventriloquist….Gottle of Gear, Gottle of Gear…

  9. ryllharu

    9:56 is really good writing advice on writing misogyny in a more nuanced, gross, pervasive and interesting manner instead of the hamfisted, clumsy, and preachy way that pulls readers/viewers out of the story. I took notes. Thanks!

  10. Dark Mask

    Nightwing just happening to have nano-tech dispersing tech on him for no reason since they were not dealing with anyone who should be dealing in nano-tech really gives me Bat Shark Repellant vibes.

  11. John Mobley

    BRUH that was skeezy. LIKE EWWWW. can’t tell if he truly meant it or said it to piss her off. Either way it gets his my misogyny across. Very well written moment. I personally feel that if it’s common knowledge to show, don’t tell I trust her audience to put things together instead of treating them like uneducated children, that we can open more opportunities to show portrayals of misogynistic behavior, or just other situation in a more nuanced or interesting way. It’s literally realistic. Because as many guys you’ll hear being blunt about it there’s the ones who do microaggressions and almost make you question of they’re being discriminatory or just rude or dismissive. Or all of the above.

  12. John Mobley

    I always love Sasha’s rewrites and notes. She thinks similarly to me and voices things when I don’t know how. I was thinking the exact same thing with the misogyny. Instead of making it some Saturday cartoon villain who hates girls, he could come across as very menacing in his demeaning view towards women if the dialogue had more nuance. I often feel things can feel more sinister or pack more of a punch the less heavy handed toy are. Be subtle and let the audience do the rest. Of course there are people out there who talk like BM did in this comic but as a main villain it’s hit harder if he was made a bit more insidious

  13. The Legendary

    This is a dope ass look for Sasha and she was already on point with her styles. The glasses pull it all together with the purple. Killing the game so hard Dick Wolfe is gonna spinoff a new cop drama because of it!

  14. AbRealComics

    Although I do wonder if Boomer could be swapped out with old head, something that's not so much internet slang as it is common vernacular while still being a word that's enjoying a certain resurgence

  15. AbRealComics

    My personal favorite misogynistic phrase is female. You can drop one female in a pool of other forms of dialogue and everyone will instantly know what level of misogynist a character is, although that can vary based on character race as well

  16. J S

    What is going on with Black Mask's mask? Like, what the hell is it supposed to be? and is he drinking through it?

    Ugh, this story is written brutally, and the character design doesn't make a lot of sense. Tini Howard is a decent writer, but this seems so phoned in I wanna let it go to voice mail.

  17. March

    Man, I absolutely get why writers continue to use Black Mask as the go-to strawman misogynist character in the Gotham rogues gallery, but it makes enjoying his character that much harder. Yes, his character is absolutely tied into those themes in regards to Catwoman and Stephanie Brown, but my first exposure to him in the comics were more through the Red Hood storyline and….I want to say Streets of Gotham? When he was acting crime boss for the city and did shit like give Zsasz his own child-fighting arena because Zsasz saved him once. I liked him as just a true-blue fucker, even if it often requires him getting his shit pushed in, but it does suck where a chunk of his modern appearances revolve around his awful treatment of women.