SON OF BATMAN (2014) MOVIE REACTION! First Time Watching! DC Animated | Damien Wayne

THE BAT FAMILY IS COMING To The James Gunn DCU With The Brave And The Bold, So Coy & John React to SON OF BATMAN continuing through the DC Animated Universe as Bruce Wayne learns he has an unruly pre-teen son, Damian Wayne, secretly raised by the mystical League of Assassins – Featuring Talia & Ra’s al Ghul, Nightwing, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Alfred, trips to Gotham City, Arkham Asylum & more!!
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23 thoughts on “SON OF BATMAN (2014) MOVIE REACTION! First Time Watching! DC Animated | Damien Wayne

  1. Gentle Giant06

    God I love Bruce and Damien's first interaction

    Bruce: You expect me to believe this?
    Damien: Don't act so stunned father, I thought you'd be taller
    Bruce: 'Goddamn it this is absolutely my fucking kid'

  2. Jiorun_Lelbrun

    Damian sent a 300+ pound man flying over a dozen feet with one single kick!?!?!? Really??? Ubu's thigh is the size of Damian's whole body. lol. This entire fight sequence is just really nothing more than a fanboy's wet dream.

  3. Jiorun_Lelbrun

    Yeah THIS Batmobile resembles a more "cartoon-y" version of the Snyder Ben Afleck Batmobile. Which happens to be my personal favorite. It looks like a car you'd expect to see in the live-action Speed Racer Tracks. A very close second is the Arkham Knight Game Batmobile.

  4. Jiorun_Lelbrun

    Yeah guys, Jason O'mara voiced Batman for ALL of the new 52 movies. I think him, Flash and Cyborg are the only ones NOT changed. Superman was changed from Alan Tudyk to Jerry O'Connell; Green Lantern was changed from Justin Kirk to Nathan Fillion and Wonder Woman went from Michelle Monahan to Rosario Dawson

  5. Jiorun_Lelbrun

    Yeah, I didn't understand that either. Jason Todd had been dead longer that the few minutes that Raj was and the pit brought HIM back. Was it the damage to Raj's body that was a factor?? It's just not really properly explained. I mean reviving the dead IS pretty much what the pit does. Or is Talia concerned that the time needed to revive her father would make him insane beyond control??

  6. Jiorun_Lelbrun

    I actually don't mind the voice actor for Deathstroke in this movie. He's voiced by Thomas Gibson, who also played Hotch in Criminal minds for quite a few years. so so far that's three Criminal minds actors who have had DC roles.

    The others are Shemar Moore – who is Cyborg and Jimmy Olson was once voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Spencer Reed

  7. Ronnie Sanchez

    Aidan Gallagher would be a good choice for Damian. Cole Sprouse or Joe Keery for Dick Greyson and for my boy Jason Todd im going with Rish Shah, bit of a wildcard choice but I'll stand by it

  8. Chill Will

    This is why everyone hates Damian Wayne. Also why would she do that if she's no longer a hostage? Once you're no longer a hostage you don't have to do what the person that took you hostage to do. If I was her I would've thrown it and said "eh forget it I'm no longer a hostage since Batman saved me."

  9. Joey Allain

    Damien is just wearing Bruce Wayne’s old childhood clothes. Coy mentioning superboy in the beginning and me knowing he means kon el aka Conner Kent and not Jon Kent makes me happy because it seems like even dc comics sometimes forgets he exists.

  10. ManofGeekdom

    I remember a lot of people online back in the day really dogged on these movies because of it being tied to the New 52 continuity which was already divisive. One Youtuber Kwing really ripped these movies to shreds because he is such a big Nightwing fan and didn't like how was used in most DC media at that time and Super Frame a couple years ago did a retrospective on these and criticised Jason O'Mara as Batman because it was too monotone. He did get better as the movies went on tho.