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Punchline Gets Thrown In The Trash!

Punchline The Gotham Game continues! Can the Joker’s new “girlfriend” carve a place for herself among Gotham’s elite in terms of Batman baddies? Alexis Kaye has put together her own Royal Flush Gang but things aren’t going exactly according to plan. Bluebird and Nightwing are on her tail and her rivalry with Catwoman has taken a surprising turn. Tini and Blake Howard hurtle towards the conclusion of Punchline’s first mini series. Has it elevated the character? Can Punchline stand on her own? Share your thoughts here on Casually Comics!

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0:00 Intro
2:58 Issue 4
14:21 Issue 5
20:24 In Conclusion

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Punchline Returns And She’s “Worse” Than Ever!

Spider-Man’s Clone’s Girlfriend Goes Halloween Villain? Meet Hallows’ Eve

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