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McFarlane TEEN TITANS Speed REVIEW! | DC Multiverse Beast Boy wave

Teen Titans Go! McFarlane Toys joins the fight vs Nightwing and the Teen Titans in the Beast Boy ( plus Gold Label exclusive) Build A Figure wave!

00:11 Donna Troy
01:54 Raven
02:49 Arsenal Red Arrow
03:55 Beast Boy (Walmart Gold Label)
04:38 Beast Boy (Build a Figure)
06:06 Nightwing
07:35 Final Score

So! Let’s give a quick tl;dr SPEED REVIEW of the action figure shall we? Is it good? How does it pose? Should you get it for your collection? Check it out collector friends!
#mcfarlanetoys #dc #actionfigure #review

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Richard Grayson Nightwing – He Won’t Be The One To Cry

I made a lot of Nightwing edits in the past couple of days lol. This is the last one of this batch
SCP: lockeyscenez
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Nightwing’s New Costume | LEGO Gotham Knights

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