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DC Universe Online Is Starting To Grow On Me… | DC Universe Online gameplay compilation

Move over Batman, It’s Nightwing’s time to shine!
DC Universe Online is a MMO RPG game that allows you to create your own superhero or villain , and team up with familiar faces from DC Comics! I’ve already played this game once, but I had to come back and try it again, and I’d say I was pretty impressed! I had a really good time putting together this video for you guys and I hope ya’ll have a good rest of your day!

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I Beat Gotham Knights and the DLC 100% so you don’t have to

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Batman: Gotham Knights for that Playstation 5 is a game that got nearly universally panned when it released 4 months ago. And because I’m silly, I decided that OF COURSE, I would go and 100 percent the dang thing. Here’s Gotham Knights and the DLC 100% so you don’t have to. Also the comic. There’s a comic book.

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