That Time Power Girl Was Nightwing!

Power Girl has had quite the complicated history at DC Comics. This includes a stint as the Kandorian version of Nightwing. Just how did Supergirl and Power Girl end up in the bottle city? What does it have to do with Superman? Find out here on Casually Comics!

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28 thoughts on “That Time Power Girl Was Nightwing!

  1. Bob McGuffin

    Power Girl makes a Cluedo joke while being tortured. This is certainly the kind of woman who is unfamiliar enough with Earth culture to not understand figures of speech

  2. Wolv022

    "Does it count as your relative if they're from another dimension?"
    Well, considering Kryptonite doesn't work if you're from another dimension (at least at certain points in continuity), I'm going to say "No, it doesn't count". It's the kind of dumb logic stretching I'd expect at this point.
    Edit: Also, the Post-Crisis Ultraman of the Antimatter Universe was supposed to be a human Lt. Clark Kent who gained superpowers from cosmic rays a la the Fantastic Four, but this Ultraman is a Kryptonian Kal-El, so it's obviously not the "human-turned-superhuman" doppelganger from the Antimatter Universe.
    Edit 2: I realize, twice-belatedly now, that this "Kal-El" might not truly be Kryptonian. There hadn't been a Post-Crisis Earth-3 Ultraman at this point, I don't think, meaning this could only be a new one (as he seems powered by Yellow Sunlight). Therefore, the real answer is "Of course he doesn't count as her cousin" because he exists only for the convenience of this story and nothing more. Unless writer wants it to count to parallel Morgan/Morgause and King Arthur making Mordred.

  3. Billy Hills

    If you want Power Girl hitting on Earth 1 Superman, try JLA #147 (1977).

    Dinah to Ollie: "And I used to call you a fast worker!" as PG drags Supes out of the room for tour.

  4. Ariel Romero

    a very Sweet Girl Alabama storyline, because for Ultraman to want to do Supergirl is possible since there are no references to a Earth 3 Supergirl (let's not stop to think about Kara's age) but Kara was very there for sleeping with a dude that is her cousin… except from a parallel universe :/… much bottled feelings in the bottled city of Kandor?

  5. Cameron Grow

    You're going to talk about New Krypton Nightwing and Flamebird soon right?
    That was one of my favorite depictions of the concept and I loved how it deepend the lore of Krypton.

  6. Jason Pratt

    Has an episode been done connecting "Proty" the tragic Legion mascot from the 60s, to the rebooted Supergirl character post-Crisis (and whatever happened to her after she merged with a human and turned out to be an earthbound angel or something like that, thanks to Peter David?)

  7. GamerSlyRatchet1

    Hmm, there’s a lot more Nightwings: Chris Kent/Lor-Zod, Stephanie Brown in a What If, Barbara Gordon in Smallville Season 11 (controversially), Nite-Wing, Darkwing, the Nightwings team from 2019, maybe even Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro ALMOST becoming Nightwing in Beware the Batman season 2.