The NEW Gotham Knights Update…

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This is one of many videos on the Blitzwinger Youtube channel for Batman Gotham Knights! The coverage for this game on the Blitzwinger channel will be extensive and will cover a full gameplay walkthrough for gotham knights as well as all the Boss fights of gotham Knights, All the easter eggs of Gotham Knights, All the hidden messages/meaning of the game, The intro and the ending of Gotham Knights and MUCH MORE! make sure to stay tuned for complete coverage.

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20 thoughts on “The NEW Gotham Knights Update…

  1. Eva Chadwick

    I hope catwoman comes just I want someone else to play with than 4 characters like my main is Batgirl and if you could play as villians like Harley Quinn that would be great ! Like I love Harley Quinn.

  2. אופק דולב

    I really have a problem,so after a long time I decided to play gotham knights again. But for some reason the game is not running as smoothly as it used to be. I tried everything lower the resolution,changing graphics nothing seems to work and my fps is okay. Don't know what to do anymore.

  3. Manny Robles

    This whole thing of dividing comments between members and I guess ill call us `free viewing` viewers is absurd. Specially for channels that have a huge fanbase built by their loyal viewers. Guess I`ll unsubscribe to any creator that divides us between "paying" and non paying viewers.