The Problem With Tim Drake… Redundancy – Explained

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AI Generator Description
In this video, I’m going to discuss the problem with Tim Drake… redundancy. I’ll explain what redundancy is and why it’s a problem, and offer some solutions.

This video is important because it addresses a common problem that comic book fans face – redundancy. By the end of the video, you’ll have a better understanding of why it’s important to avoid redundancy in your work, and some solutions to help you avoid it.

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31 thoughts on “The Problem With Tim Drake… Redundancy – Explained

  1. Comicstorian

    I was a tad nervous about this one as I dont know nearly as much about Tim Drake as I do other members of the Bat family. But I've always felt his issue is one of the more obvious ones so I did want to talk about him. I never expected it to become a 30 minute video (expected this to be our shortest) Next up is a family I know a TON about, Flash Family. (We'll come back to Dick Grayson and the Batgirls)

  2. Mystical Archives

    Nightwing – Better Version of Batman and Leader of Titans
    Red Hood – Anti-Hero Struggling With and Challenging Batman’s Code
    Robin (Damien) – Son of Batman in Need of His Father’s Guidance
    Red Robin (Tim Drake) – Master Detective who Helps Solve Mysteries and Fights Low-Level Crime that’s Lost within the Chaos of the Modern World, all with the aid of his Girlfriend Stephanie Brown.

  3. Mystical Archives

    What gets me is that they can’t have two robins, but they can have six green lanterns, and three flashes without any of them having to come up with a new code name. Like seriously, ever since Barry came back, they haven’t even tried to give Wally West, his own superhero moniker. Also, I don’t understand the whole quote to Wally West, and one of them is black” sense that just seems extremely ridiculous and redundant.

  4. sleepy

    Tim needs his very own bad ass costume. Give him a new name preferly a bird that stalks prey. Because he’s a detective and that’s it.

  5. Eric Gropuis

    For as long as I known Batman Tim was Robin/ Red Robin and I felt like and agree with other opinions that Tim fits to take on the mantle of Batman since he’s a detective and works with Batman the best as his Robin. But I also feel like ever since they introduced Damien who I myself am mixed on and since they made Tim’s whole thing as Robin that is where the redundancy comes from.

    They haven’t tried to make Tim grow beyond being just Robin like they did with Dick and Jason. With Dick tho he was the first every Robin grew past that and became his own Hero in Nightwing. Jason got angry and became consumed by vengeance and became Red Hood. Tim just got replaced by Damien but is still Robin while there’s another Robin who is actually Robin and taking all of his spots as Robin too. I was binging the DC animated movies and haven’t seen anything even mentioning Tim one bit. They tried to make him Drake but that was short lived they have Red Robin but they are basically still the same thing. He’s known for being a solo Robin but they haven’t even tried to give him a new superhero title or something Bat related for him to still be an ally to Batman who helps him from time to time. He could be a positive big brother role for Damien but they are just choosing to not do anything with him

  6. Another Clever Username

    Evil Tim is kind of- not really- the Future "New 52" version of Tim Drake. He's actually a hold over from the "Post Crisis" continuity. So a dark future version of the original timeline Tim.
    It was a really cool Arc during Geoff Johns' run on Teen Titans called "Titans of Tomorrow". All of the Titans were the new versions of their mentors (i.e Tim=Batman, Connor=Superman, Cassie=Wonder Woman, Bart=The Flash etc.), and as such were the Justice League of their time. All evil. I only mention, not to Uhm Actually anyone, but because if anyone sees this, I urge you to give it a read… It's truly amazing. Johns' entire run was perfect. The best Titans has ever been.

  7. Julio Silva

    They should give Tim Drake a moniker like Oracle, maybe make him Brother Eye, and have him be the Oracle of the Justice League, especially with Nightwing as the leader of the Justice League.

  8. Traveler

    I saw a reddit post portraying Tim as the Gray Ghost. I think it's pretty cool, since I personally don't really like having both Tim and Damian as Robin. In BTAS, the Gray Ghost is a cartoon detective crime-fighter very similar to Batman that Bruce used to watch when he was a kid. It would be a nice homage to Bruce and it would make sense for the most cerebral and detective-ask Robin to take on this mantle and have stories that focus more on investigating and solving a mystery.
    Maybe instead of making it an actual in-universe cartoon character, you could say it was one of the early on concepts that Bruce though about when starting his superhero career before the whole bat breaking through his window happened. Idk, I saw some people saying it would be kind of goofy for him to dress up as a cartoon character, I personally don't think so but I get, so I'm just tackling other ideas.

  9. Peachi Bread

    Here's how you fix tim drake.
    Have him become a Peter b parker.
    Have him settle down happily married and become a quippy dad bod guy the younger robins can go to for guidance or to talk about batman.
    People love Peter b parker, just do that with Tim.

  10. Kai Z.M

    i think the problem is less with theme making him bi and more with theme getting rid of Stephanie Brown,
    like for an example, i would love for Marvel to make Peter Parker bi (i personally think spiderman is bi),but WithOut braking him up with Mary Jane, the love of his life, his soulmate, and putting him up in a relationship with some dude they randomly picked out from their stock of background characters.
    you can make characters whatever sexuality gender identity race or ethnicity you want. as long as
    1. it makes sense for the characters and
    2. you handle it properly

  11. Free

    I always thought that with the batfamily, mainly the robins, they're all parts of bruce in some way or aspects to becoming the "perfect" batman.
    Dick is the more compassionate
    Jason is the one that knows how and when to "cross the line"
    Tim is the detective side
    Damian is the brutality.
    Even if it was kinda goofy I would've thought that Damian would have done a move when he's arrogant about being the blood son of the Batman and go under the Batkid identity, since some writers write him as bruce jr

  12. Lol said the scorpion Lmao

    Dick had a good balance of detective skills and fighting skills, Jason was supposed to be a better fighter (kinda depends tbh), and Tim was regarded by batman as a detective as good as himself or even better (but was the least skilled of the three while fighting), that was a good balance but Damian fucked it up he should have stayed dead or gone ahead to become something new like redhood, batman having a "real" son makes no sense, not even Terry was his son cause he was raised by loving parents, it's really stupid.

  13. Ben Yaakov

    I stopped caring about Tim Drake when they made him gay,having said that if DC wants to have gay characters create new ones do not take already existing characters & turn them gay create new ones don't be lazy & don't turn off long time fans of the existing characters !!!!

  14. Clff_Prstn

    I felt that DC made more progression with Tim Drake's character when he became Red Robin because he had his own identity. Ever since the New 52 and up to the present DC Comics have made him a punching bag for redundancy.

  15. stormhawk31

    The problem is that NO ONE has EVER written Batman properly, and so they don't write the Robins properly. There's NO reason Batman couldn't have multiple Robins. Each Robin has his own strengths and talents. Just write them that way!

    This is what I mean:

    1. Write Batman properly (that's a whole other topic)

    2. Dick Grayson is Robin-1, later also known as Nightwing when he's operating solo

    3. Jason Todd is Robin-2, who dies, gets resurrected in a Lazarus pit, goes a bit wonky for a minute until he stabilizes, and becomes Red Hood later on, when he's operating solo. He's Batman's pitbull. Batman uses him to do the things that Batman won't do. Use your imagination

    3. Tim Drake is Robin-3, who is the Robin who's most like Batman. His teamwork with Batman is the best, and his detective skills are the best of the Robins. He has no other identity (though I have some ideas about what I'd do with that), but really is a kind of mini-Batman.

    4. Damian Wayne is Robin-4, the youngest of the Robins, arguably (at least at first) the most volatile, and the one Robin never allowed to operate on his own (at least at first). Above all, he is essentially Robin to the Robins – mostly to Robin-1, but sometimes to the others. He is the Robin most likely to synthesize ALL of the Bat family and one day become Batman himself.

    5. Periphery associates like Oracle, who was once Batgirl, but was paralyzed by The Joker (I don't know why they undid that AWESOME character development for Barbara Gordon), who is Batman's information and coordination specialist, new Batgirl Cassandra Cain, Spoiler, Huntress – these women operate as eyes and ears, and also as "dates" when Bruce and the Robins need to make public appearances. Think of them as the "Black Widows" (Natasha Romanov) of the Bat family. They are infiltrators, spies, etc., gaining access and doing jobs male characters couldn't do. They are trained by Kate Kane, who is NOT related to Batman, and who is NOT Batwoman (There is no Batwoman), but who was a former member of the League of Assassins, who left in order to do some actual good in the world.

    6. The Signal is the "face" of Gotham. He's Gotham's public superhero, and he operates during the day, in full view of the public, using a high tech battle suit that gives him the appearance of having low-level super powers – kind of like Spiderman did when he operated as Prodigy back during the "Identity Crisis" storyline. Signal has good relations with the police and the public, and is, in a way, Gotham's Spiderman (if Spiderman had great public relations) – just employed, and using tech supplied by, Batman.

    7. Alright. I'll briefly talk about Batman. Batman is a myth. An urban legend. There is no Batman, who is supposedly a supernatural creature of some kind, similar to a vampire or the Jersey Devil. In fact, the creature is sometimes also referred to as "The Gotham Devil". People who claim to have seen it are undoubtedly terrified, and have probably seen SOMETHING that scared them, but there's simply no such thing as "The Batman". NO ONE knows Batman really exists, except his organization – and the crime families of Gotham, who have RARELY seen him, and NEVER very well (only in shadows or while being beaten half to death. They NEVER get a good look at him). Batman operates TOTALLY in the shadows, NEVER revealing himself. NO ONE knows who he is or that he's just a man, let alone that he's Bruce Wayne. The few who know for sure that he exists really do think he's some kind of supernatural creature, and Bruce uses technology and various showmanship techniques to reinforce that idea. Batman is a ghost. A devil. The thing that goes bump in the night and terrifies even the worst of Gotham's criminals. To the extent that he interacts with people, he usually does so by using his Robins as proxies – and they also operate at night, tending to stick to shadows, and come off as EXTREMELY creepy and possibly supernatural. But Batman? You DON'T want to encounter HIM. If you do, you're NOT going to walk away from it, and your hospital stay will be long and disastrously expensive.

    Bruce almost always operates as Bruce Wayne, even though Bruce Wayne is, in many ways, as much of a mask as Batman. But he's always manipulating EVERYTHING in Gotham, from city politics to the criminal element. Batman ABSOLUTELY controls Gotham on ALL levels, though most people don't even realize it. In a sense, Batman is the mafia boss of mafia bosses, but he occupies the position for the benefit of the people of Gotham, not for personal profit.

    THAT'S how you structure the Bat family. They're a "criminal" organization that runs Gotham from the shadows, using the VERY old urban legend of The Batman to strike terror into the hearts of Gotham's criminal element. And when Bruce does venture out as Batman, he's never clearly seen, seemingly supernatural, and almost animalistic in the level of violence he doles out. Criminals are terrified of him, so they operate ONLY within the bounds of what HE allows, and they pay hefty tribute, which Bruce Wayne uses to fund charity organizations around the city. Each Robin has a sector of the city he controls and patrols, and each also has specific talents and uses that Bruce puts to use as necessary.

    That's what I'd do if I was writing Batman.

  16. timgoesgym

    Ive always said Tim should be like the Question for the batfamily. A detective he is a detective they need to drive that point. Give him a new persona THE GREY GHOST

  17. Dolfuny

    The batfamily is a bit of a mess in mainline comics but at least batman wayne family adventures came out of it. I don't care if the comics are a mess because it lead to a tim and batwoman moment and a tim and Damien moment lol.

    Honestly there are just way to many batfam characters and a story trying to be serious can't use them all. Wayne family adventures is not supposed to be serious so they can all be there and it works but in mainline comics it kinda just doesn't. Like the new 52 animated movies only had damien and dick because that's a good amount of characters to work with. But in the comics it's like we have a bunch a different batman sidekicks that no one knows what to do with cuz it's just way to many characters to keep track of, I think speeders have a similar problem but admittedly I don't keep uo with them as much but I swear there are like 3 kid flash characters at this point lol

  18. Zac White

    Apparently I'm one of the only people who thinks red Robin is the best role for Tim. They keep changing his alter ego and now he's just Robin again? Very strange.

  19. JujoAura

    Honestly I think an Oracle, Agent, or Professor route could work for him. It would ultimately make him a supportive character but what else can be done?