We Need A Prothean To Come Talk S#!t About The Vatican | Mass Effect 3 (70)

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48 thoughts on “We Need A Prothean To Come Talk S#!t About The Vatican | Mass Effect 3 (70)

  1. TheEvilOmega

    "Traynor did a better job than EDI?" Well, one thing to keep in mind is that AI doesn't have intuition. It doesn't really extrapolate information from gaps in logic like people do.

  2. Dagdammit

    The temple scene's kinda screwed because every interaction starts with the same Liara line whether Javik is there or not. So it quickly becomes Javik saying "No it was Protheans, IDIOT" over and over and Liara just being incredibly slow on the uptake."

  3. Waitsell Jones

    Did they catch the part where the VI said "Indoctrinated presence detected" before Kai Leng and Illusive Man showed up? I'm not sure they mentioned that earlier in the game but it's VERY important.

  4. TheHappy_P0tat0

    Reminder that in the base game – because Javik wasn't in initially – all you get was Liara's first lines of mythos exposition in the temple when you examine shit.
    Then you download a DLC with ten minutes worth of dialogue where the new guy is just like: "Nope, didn't happen, you're wrong plus ratio" all the way through.

  5. Zeikier

    This is where ME3's plot really screws the pooch for me; the Asari have their azure to the fire about basically screwing over the galaxy by witholding information, but before anyone can do anything about it 1000 Layers of Folded Donut Steel waltzes in and makes it about him and Shepard's One Big Loss again, and afterwards there's absolutely zero heat put on the Asari as if it never happened.

  6. Jacob L'Estrange

    I think the implicationfor Tim and Cerberus being so formidable is that they are the only military force not engaged almost entirely with the reapers. They have comparable resources to the best militaries in the galaxy and none of it is tied up fighting off xenocide.

  7. KentaskoRedwind

    I still hold a grudge against Bioware and EA for making Javik Day-One DLC specifically for Thessia and the lore dump that is ultimately pay-walled. Glad Woolie caught onto part of that and pointed out just how jarring the interactions with Liara (a mandatory companion for this mission) would be with any other member of the team.

  8. inqman

    always felt a bit like character assassination here… no not shepherd losing to leng, Liara losing to Javik! Archeologist obsessed with Protheans and their interactions with fledgling species turned Shadowbroker, the biggest conspiracy theorist confirmation machine in the galaxy, starts suddenly losing her shit when a guy is like "yeah that goddess's pretty much a prothean and we did some shit to boost you up so you'd be ready for this cycle"

    So instead of "Yeah that makes sense, I've had the breadcrumbs everywhere!" she immediately turns into "NO WAY! God is real and you're a liar! reapers planted dinosaur bones to TRICK atheists!"

  9. Z-Mac

    What if the Reapers were actually massive gamers the whole time? Like they spend the eons in dark space having LAN parties and the harvesting cycle is a way to get new people into fighting games.

  10. Ashes1032

    Yeah, that Kai Leng fight is very poorly balanced and designed. It's 100% reliant on Cutscene Incompetence, because the fight is piss easy. You give Kai Leng the beating of a lifetime, and he's spouting bullshit the entire time. This is probably the deepest trench of bad game design in ME3 before the ending.

  11. Daniel

    It was nice seeing Woolie's realization that Javik is optional for the Thessia mission. Now I want to see him realize that javik was also a $10 day one DLC that was literally cut from the game to be sold to you separately. I know that Pat has sort of told Woolie about it already, but I highly doubt that Woolie remembers that.

  12. Chainer

    Sorry woolie but the prothrans died about 48 thousand years before Christ was born, they didn't have anything to do with how fucked up humanity is.

    The protheans found us, started to monitor us while we were still cavemen but the Reapers stopped them from doing anything else.

  13. Arc Ray

    40:06 its gonna be funny if it turns out thats an absolute backfire of a plan.
    actively block all signals in one unsuspecting area seems like a good idea in the vastness of space until one signal is followed back like that.😆

  14. Arc Ray

    Illusive Man: My methods for dealing with the Reapers are more refined than yours!

    Shepard: *looking back at the trails of corpses of mostly the innocent left by all of Cerberus up this point
    during the events of this game alone* I think our definitions of "refined" are quite different.

  15. Arc Ray

    18:40 this all makes sense with Javik being here, but i like how they had to have something in case of the lack of Javik due to them making him DLC originally. and then he has that line which feels like its poking fun at the whole issue.

  16. KarSoban

    All of Woolies worries from earlier games that humans were the "chosen ones" and I was waiting for this reveal, the Asari dropped the God damned ball, and they dropped it hard

  17. Kurst

    First, Reggie, you're calling out the wrong EA franchise, two, Woolie. You are, unfortunately, getting close to that ME3 point of no return.

  18. L L

    Kai Leng standing out in the open, cartwheeling in place in a failed attempt at a dodge, begging his gunship GF to cover him, and then Naruto running at a snails pace towards Red

    "ISN'T HE FUCKING COOL?!" Bioware, probably

  19. RustyKey

    So when I got to this part I figured my Adept Shepherd would struggle a bit. That is, until I found out that the pillar on the left not only gave me a clear shot at Kai Lang, but also blocked the gunship, letting whale on him with impunity.

  20. Jon Parker

    The whole idea of aliens being misinterpreted as gods is fascinating to me. Rather, it's only one possibility of many related to the overall idea of assuming something where we know absolutely nothing.

    I love the fact that not only is this asari "religion" entirely twisted into a convenient lie to suit their views, but despite still being the closest thing to what actually happened in their earliest history, barely anyone believes it. Liara says few still follow that doctrine, which means most of their species is following beliefs even further from the truth.

    Think it's a great comparison to make with our own world, with all the intense debates and bloody struggles raging constantly throughout our history, over what could ultimately prove to be literally nothing at all, or completely wrong. Everyone who is religious is so sure THEIRS is the correct one, and no consideration is even made to whether or not it's even close to the truth, let alone the one and only belief which is.

    Me personally, I'm content to simply recognize and acknowledge that I don't know, likely won't ever know, and might not even be capable of knowing the answers to life's greatest questions and the greatest mysteries of our universe. Pretending otherwise is pointless.

  21. Jeremiah Stenzel

    Woolie this is SciFi. Magic and gods are not a thing. Everything "unknowable" must be known in the end. Anything less would be lame.

    Also, unknowable threats are just stupid in general. YMMV

  22. Content Spigot

    Whelp, this is my first time watching a playthrough of ME3, but this horrible cutscene-world nonsense justifies not having bothered to play it back in the day. Shame since 2 was so good and the setting itself is just immaculate.

  23. T. O.

    The second time I played ME3, I had Lash as my bonus power, with a fully maxed out recharge rate.

    Kai Leng needs to retreat to that spot in order to recharge his shields.

    I recharged so fast he couldn't make it and through the sheer power of chip damage, I brought his health down to as low as it would go.

    This apparently broke something, because by doing that I softlocked the game. The fight wouldn't continue, because Kai Leng couldn't win. He refused to recharge his shields.

    I was so angry I didn't play for a week.

  24. Sky Icewind

    “I’M NOT OWNED! I’M NOT OWNED!” screams Kai Leng as Shepard immediately sends him into his recharge phase with one biotic charge. When the gunship leaves his body is crumpled on the ground.

  25. Unversed Hero

    Woolie: "We need a Protean to come to the Vatican for a few minutes."

    … Oh boy, he is NOT going to like a certain thing in the Citadel dlc, especially since it's not as he wants it to be.