Why Gotham Knights Failed & was Canceled!

Why Gotham Knights failed & was canceled? The Worst Batman Show ever made is gone now. My Thoughts on How the, checks notes Successful Batwoman writers were fired after only 1 Season of Gotham Knights

The Answer is because Fans HATED it. WBD was counting on Hate Watching to get a Second Season Green Lighted and it didnt happen.

The Series featured an Adopted Son of Batman who Hates Bruce & Carrie Kelly who put together a group of Misfits to Clear their Innocents of the DEATH of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Along with co-stars Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown, Blue Bird and Joker’s Daughter to name a few.

My Reaction to Gotham Knights Rise Trailer –

Question Time? Are You Happy Gotham Knights will never get a Second Season? The Correct response is YES!

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Art: Sad Batman by Scott Anderson
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50 thoughts on “Why Gotham Knights Failed & was Canceled!

  1. Maverick Cortez

    Well I'm happy that the channel is back on air and you're once more free to talk about movies, tv and comics. They were so mad about what people were thinking about the show, that they decided to try and take you down with them. 😅 They really had the nerve, huh?

  2. Jay Kenneth

    I wonder how Gotham series from fox got a five season only. Anyway I love that show its good i love the origin and the lore of each characters and the city itself.

  3. Artur-Itas


  4. Pixel Gun

    Alright… I mean… Multiverse exists in DC… So I do not really care? I mean… You do not need to watch it and nothing will happen.

    Here is something Majestic about YouTube… Not like you are one of them…

    With internet, everyone became proffesional movie/show producer and critic.

  5. Komandant Bond

    In dystopian environment of new normal world order any independent thought and free thinking is labeled as hate speech, conspiracy theory and malicious disinformation. When project fails these self proclaimed elites in entertainment industry always blame the customer. They destroyed Arrow with SJW nonsense after a few decent seasons also destroyed the Flash after few seasons and both of those series started with huge audience and excellent demo in season 1 and lost 50+% of viewers in just 2 or 3 seasons but those behind camera turned the blind eye on the real reasons and continued to push their political agenda thus losing more and more viewers with every episode, then Supergirl was destroyed after 1 season and all DC CW series that came after that were SJW crap at the start (Black Lightning, Batwoman, etc.) except Superman and Louis.

  6. Brian Clark

    I watched episode 1 and didn't liked it as well same with batwomen i gave at least 3 episodes than stopped watching because of the gatmy stuff same reason i sidnt like buffy season 4 much the gotham game i liked the only think the i didn't like was how they had bruce die twice if they had not have him killed a second time than i think the game would have been better received. Anyway great video.

  7. Chris Hillman

    Honestly surprised it lasted this long to be honest, I do remember watching the trailer only once and afterwards I was like, that was one time too many and to be fair I never gave it a second thought. If they really did care about doing a Gotham Knights show, then look to the comics! The blueprint is right there! A tv show that focuses not just on Batman, but his partners and protégés that he trained over the years as a well oiled machine as they protect Gotham together as a absolutely badass Bat-Family! But no they went with Riverdale in Gotham! 😂

  8. Bloody Milkshake

    Oof. Glad I trusted my instincts & skipped this show. DC either needs to let him be likeable again or stop promoting Batman. No kids growing up now are going to have fun nostalgic memories of a joke.

    We had Bruce holding Ace's hand until she died.

    They get the lasso of truth compelling Bruce to admit he sucks & should single handedly end poverty somehow.

  9. Martha Elena Brenes Orozco

    GOOD VIDEO, if another SHOW PROGRE is cancelled, we have to do the same with the second season of Velma, ignore it so that it doesn't come back with that it's the animated series with the most views

    YOU ARE RIGHT, the progressives always spend their time complaining on the internet that they want more inclusive shows but when they do they never support them because they don't want to admit that they are garbage

  10. Doseku

    I really wouldn't hand the win to Marvel for Spiderman. Even though he is a Marvel character, the movie rights are owned by Sony. Both Spiderverse movies have little to do with Disney owned Marvel and No way Home was joint venture so Marvel probably wasn't able to get away with a lot of the stuff they were trying to do with their phase 4 movies. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is kind of a weird one because it's so drastically different from what Marvel Studios has been putting out recently, it was like a breath of fresh air. Hell it doesn't even have any connections to the current MCU at large. It's just a standalone side story which I think actually benefitted it.

  11. 2-S♰rand Boxbraids

    With all due respect these riding don't deserve no second chances they already had one with this show only thing I can see good about the show it wasn't bad as Batwoman at least Turner Hayes is straight. Every DC show is Beyond trash Titans.
    2018 Titans look what they did to Tim Drake

  12. B47 bobo

    Hallelujah this show has been cancelled 😃🥳!!! I’d rather watch fox’s Gotham over that SH*T! Gotham looks like a masterpiece compared to Gotham knights 😡!